A World in Crisis and the People's Agenda for a Democratic and Just Response

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Event Date: 
Thu, 06/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Event Location: 
Cobo Hall: W2-62
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For millions worldwide facing poverty, homelessness and insecurity as a result of the the world’s economic and environmental meltdown, the multi-faceted crisis we are seeing has its roots in policies that put profit over people’s needs. Unfortunately, the road to “recovery” has been charted by the elite of the very countries and institutions that have brought the crisis upon us in the first place. Ironically, just days after the opening of the US Social Forum, the G-20 will meet in Toronto to craft the global policies that will continue to secure the financial elite’s ability to turn huge profits and keep the world on the path towards insecurity, war, and environmental plunder.
The workshop, therefore, aims to create a space where a range of groups and individuals can:
1. share their analysis on the roots of the crisis we face
2. share how they are organizing against the impacts of the crisis.
3. share their vision for the future
The organizers and collaborators of the workshop will synthesize the concerns and demands that emerge from the workshop. A delegation will bring them to mobilizations against the G20 in Toronto.

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Katrina Abarcar
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IBON North America
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Anak Bayan East Bay
Capitalism in Crisis: tearing down poverty, building economic alternatives & a solidarity economy
International Solidarity and Responsibility: building a unified response to global crises
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