We Are Not Your Soldiers - Bringing Reality and Resistance into Classrooms with Anti-War Veterans

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-22
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For nine long years, wars of aggression have been delivered by the US to not only Iraq, Afghanistan but to Pakistan, and beyond under the guise of the “War on Terror” (now called “Global Contingency Operation” by Obama). A whole generation of youth is offered training by the military, enlistment bonuses, and told they will be “better off” or “have a real future” by joining the military, at time of unending war and economic distress. *We Are Not Your Soldiers* sets out to dispel the myths behind military recruitment and the glory that is portrayed, not by giving youth alternatives to the military, but by going deeply into the truth of what the recruiters are asking them to do once in the military, and empowering youth to resist recruiters themselves. Activists with World Can’t Wait have teamed up with Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam era veterans, using videos and personal accounts to show the horror that the US military inflicts on people in other countries. These presentations motivate youth and students to resist military recruiters, based on a solid foundation of moral opposition to war crimes, as part of an overall anti-war movement that aims to actually bring these wars to an end.

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Lina Thorne
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World Can't Wait
To the Left: building a movement for social justice: intersections and alliances across race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability…
Endless War: militarization, criminalization and human rights
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