Visions for Building the International Climate Justice Movement: Ecotopia or Capitalist Ecocide?

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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UAW-Chrysler Building: 1
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GOAL OF PANEL: We all agree that another world is necessary, but is it really possible? And if so, how do we get from here (capitalist ecocide) to there (ecotopia)? Activists are looking for reliable answers to scientific questions, for example can solar and wind power really replace fossil fuels in time to avert irreversible global warming? What about carbon trading, nukes and other technofixes? We also need to look at economic/class issues of capitalism, deal with strategic questions of how to organizing internationally and across classes. The potential of the new media in building networks and facilitating revolutionary emergence on a planetary scale, challenges us to come up with a common vision. The purposes of this workshop are 1) to address these vital questions through an exchange of information, experiences, ideas and visions with scientists, scholars, organizers and activists from several countries; 2) to network and link up for future exchange and collaboration.

THE CONTEXT: For most climate justice activists, the failure (really US sabotage) of the December 2009 Copenhagen climate talks was conclusive proof that the capitalists don't have the slightest intention of passing any binding regulations that might help head off a climate catastrophe. At Copenhagen, we learned that climate catastrophe is not a 'just a theory' but actually being lived here and now by the growing millions of climate refugees.

Copenhagen made it clear that the US, China and the capitalist coalition will allow no human considerations to interfere with the mega-profits of the oil, coal, armements, agrobiz, export and banking industries. The climate-justice movement's immediate response was a planet-wide protest in 182 countries -- the first in history. Then came the Peoples' Climate summit in Cochibamba, Equador, bringing together indigenous, peasants, miners city-dwellers and launching an international movement aimed at changing the world.

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Richard Greeman
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Praxis Center
Climate Justice: sustainability, resources and land
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