Tools for advocating for and with people in prison and the people who love them: Raising public awareness on the problem of prison and working for change

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-20
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The workshop will give a clear overview of the systemic abuses, human rights violations, and conditions of confinement faced by people living in Michigan's prisons. We will present tools on how we work to help people with their individual needs (around a myriad of issues connected to living in prison including health care, mental health care, solitary confinement, access to programming, religious freedom, access to gaining parole, access to loved ones and community resources upon release, navigation of policies and procedures, and more) and then how we translate the problems identified through this advocacy into systemic reforms, public education campaigns, and work to shift the public discourse toward less reliance on prisons and retribution.

We will provide tools that explain how to work with the legislature, state bureaucracies, the media, and the public using case examples, testimonies of people in prison and their loved ones, and the lived-experiences of people who have returned from behind the prison walls to the free-world community.

We will focus on the importance of building this change work from the ground up; the people directly impacted by the prison system (people who are or have been in prison, their loved ones, and the communities from where they come) must be the primary voices in this movement.

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Natalie Holbrook
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