Standing Up for Women's Right to Abortion in 2010

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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TWW: 2
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People who care about the humanity of women must boldly challenge the anti-scientific assumptions and anti-women morality that prevails throughout the debate over women’s right to abortion with clarity: not by seeking common ground with the movement that seeks nothing less than the submission of women to men. At a time when the country is fighting multiple unjust wars and during a time of great political and economic instability, racist tea-baggers should not be the only ones in the streets right now. We will discuss how the efforts to stand up for abortion rights interacts with our work to reverse the "Bush doctrine" of aggressive, torture, and indefinite detention, and the fascist direction of U.S. society associated with the Christian fundamentalists and the neo-cons. This presentation will include showing a video clip from “Abortion, Morality, and the Liberation of Women,” which we use in high school and college classes. We argue that “abortion is not murder; fetuses are not babies, and women are not incubators” and that confining our protest to what the Democratic Party accepts will just lead us further and further away from a world where women themselves can truly and freely decide when and whether to bear children.

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Lina Thorne
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World Can't Wait
To the Right: internationally and domestically
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