Sharing Your Wisdom: Writing for Organizers and Teachers

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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WSU Student Center: 283
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Being an effective leader is an incredible skill; sharing that expertise with others, particularly in writing, can be a challenge. The goal of this hands-on workshop is to give organizers, and teachers the skills and confidence to write your story—to describe your approaches and insights in writing that will empower and inspire others. This is the beginning of a process that we hope will result in great articles that will reach broad audiences on the web and in print.
We will begin by looking at a variety of effective approaches to writing about social justice teaching and organizing. Then we’ll brainstorm topics and explore ways to reflect and analyze—to write from a deeper place. We’ll talk about ways to jumpstart writing and to write collaboratively. By the end of the workshop everyone will have at least a beginning paragraph and a path forward.
The workshop will be led by Jody Sokolower, coeditor of Rethinking Schools, a progressive grassroots magazine for k-12 teachers. Jody is committed to two additional long-distance sessions to support participants through the writing and revision process, and to facilitate a virtual community of writers.

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jody sokolower
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Rethinking Schools
Strategies for Building Power & Ensuring Community Needs (housing, education, jobs, clean air…)
Media Justice, Communications, & Culture
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