The role of Cooperatives in creating permanently affordable housing

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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This workshop will provide an introduction to the basic elements of a housing cooperative, the purposes for forming housing cooperatives, and an outline of the steps necessary for forming a new coop. We will look at two models for preserving permanently affordable housing: limited and group equity.
Panel speakers and small group discussions will cover:
- Describing differences from condo or single-home ownership
- Demystifying stereotypes around governance and organizational stability
- Explaining why housing coops were not involved in the recent mortgage crisis
- Discussions of the challenges involved in starting new housing coop projects
Time permitting, we will also discuss:
- How housing coops relate to the broader cooperative movement
- Historical background, including public policy that led to the growth of housing cooperatives, and connections to organized labor
- Issues involved in financing a new project

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Tom Pierson
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North American Students of Cooperation | NASCO
Capitalism in Crisis: tearing down poverty, building economic alternatives & a solidarity economy
Strategies for Building Power & Ensuring Community Needs (housing, education, jobs, clean air…)
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