The Restaurant Economy: Restaurant Industry as a Model for Divide and Conquer "Service Capitalism"

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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UAW Building: Lincoln
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The restaurant industry is now the largest private employer in the United States. Sheer size creates a downward tug for the rest of the private sector. However it’s not just size that is spilling over into the rest of the economy, other employers are taking the restaurant industry’s lead in a number of areas, including:
“Flexible” work schedules – you might be on the roster for 40 hours one week and 3 the next, with no reason.
“Contingent” labor arrangements – turnover can be up to 100% in a single month in some restaurants, bad working conditions and low-wages certainly push a number of workers out, however, the real culprit is the informal nature of employment, workers are fired on a regular basis, and new workers hired on at a breakneck pace.
“Race-to-the-bottom” conditions – working for tips alone, no wages at all, is a more common than not phenomenon in the restaurant industry, as are severe cuts, burns and falls.

This workshop will focus on strategies ROC is employing to transform the industry. The hope is that others can learn and teach on our frame.

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Jose Oliva
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