Putting Ourselves in the Movement: Facing Discouragement and Finding Real Hope in Midwest Activism

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: DO-02A
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Efforts to make change in the Midwest have faced some of the harshest backlash in our nation but that has never stopped the hard work of Rust Belt activists. How do we preserve our own physical, mental and emotional health for the long-term so that we don’t burnout? How can we provide more hope for those we lead?

This workshop will provide participants with tools to help us free each other from the effects of the many setbacks and challenges we experience as activists. Participants will learn thoughtful listening techniques that provide a structure for examining how our personal experiences as activists shape our effectiveness. Supporting each other to share our discouragements, anger and grief openly becomes key in remaining hopeful, caring and creative around those we aim to inspire. Participants will examine how our personal experiences with racism and other oppressions diminish our effectiveness. This process will enhance our relationships and work across racial, class and other lines, as well as our relationships within our own groups.

United to End Racism is a project of the International Re-Evaluation Counseling Communities.

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M'Lis Bartlett
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United to End Racism - Michigan: Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling
Transformative Justice, Healing, and Organizing
Detroit and the Rust Belt
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