Precious Cargo on HWY H2O: Lasting Impacts on the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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UAW Building: Ford
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Comprising over 20% of the earth’s supply of surface fresh water, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, dubbed HWY H2O by the St. Lawrence Seaway, have been irreparably impacted by 50 years of international shipping on the system. Facing threats ranging from invasive plant and animal species, dredging and blasting, dams and hydroelectric diversions, the effects of climate change, privatization of public water supplies, basin drainage from pipelines to the American Southwest, to the militarization of a formerly permeable border, this system that provides fresh water to over 30 million people needs our heightened understanding and constant protection.

This interactive workshop will introduce these issues by presenting a history of contemporary organizations on the front line to protect the Great Lakes. Featuring map-making exercises, an open-format panel discussion with activists and artists engaged in the subject, and charts, photographs, news clipping, and other media documenting the importance of the region, we will examine alternatives to international shipping on this immense but fragile resource. Participants are encouraged to bring their own charts and lake and Seaway ephemera to share.

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Paul Lloyd Sargent
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Climate Justice: sustainability, resources and land
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