The Politics of Anti-capitalist Convergences: Is a Non-capitalist Detroit Necessary?

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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A discussion with local and visiting organizers: In abandoning Detroit, corporate capital has pushed the city towards a debilitating non-capitalist future. Vacating corporate executives offered nothing in the way of replacement financing, enduring forms of community services or adequate resources for post-capitalist industries. Nevertheless, vibrant community institutions have arisen on non-capitalist bases. Drawing upon the principled position of the World Social Forum against neoliberal capital this workshop asks: Is there a growing consensus on a general meaning of anti-capitalism? How might non-capitalist projects develop through convergences that are anti-capitalist? What are the anti-capitalist potentials in Detroit and how might they be related to further empowering non-capitalist mobilizations in industry, community spaces, and civil society (how for example, might these convergences emerge from the traditions of socialist, anarchist, environmental and workers movements; from the experience of NGO’s, anti-war, anti-poverty, artist activism, and anti-racist campaigns; from the communities of LGBT movements, feminist projects, religious justice programs, anti war and immigrant’s empowerment struggles and the US Social Forum)? And how might corporate as well as small-scale capitalism be transformed in these processes? Panelists (in formation) include: Seth Adler, Left Forum conference coordinator, Suzanne Burgeron, Women's Studies, University of Michigan, Dearborn; Frank Joyce, president, Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Detroit; Richard Feldman, Boggs
Center; Brooke Lehman; Bill Fletcher, Jr., Ed. Black Commentator; Thomas Poniah, International Council, World Social Forum.

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Seth Adler
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Working USA
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