People Initiative to Peace Making

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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Cobo Hall: O2-39
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The setting: What is Megiddo? a short video/slides presentation of the archeological site of Armageddon, the conception and history of the Megiddo Peace Project and the "Table for Peace." Art for Peace.

The Foundation : brief overview of peace achievements: Universal Declaration of human Rights; The Women's Platform for Action, Beijing plus 15; the Hague Appeal for Peace, Agenda for the Abolition of War in the 21st Century: General Assembly Resolution 53/25 on creating a Culture of Peace and Non Violence for the Children of the World. Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Convention on the Rights of the Child, and others. especially Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security and the necessity of women at the peace table and in all stages of the peace process..

Around a peace table: Women from different wars will examine the conflicts in their areas such as: Congo, Palestine/Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Colombia, Native Americans, Detroit, seeking out commonalities on the issues of sharing land, water, privileges, security, overcoming patriarchy and power, to develop responsibility for the life system as a whole. Noting how women and their respective communities are affected, and what forms of resistance and constructive engagement can happen.

End wars! Cease fire! Come to the peace table to talk! Open the imagination, envision peace. A turning of heart must occur for peace to be. to inform people of this project and recruit participation.

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Odile Hugonot-Haber
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The Megiddo Peace Project
Endless War: militarization, criminalization and human rights
International Solidarity and Responsibility: building a unified response to global crises
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