Occupy Everything: Transforming Public and Popular Education through Antiauthoritarian Praxis

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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WSU Cohn: 224
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The past year has seen the fight for access to education taken to a new level as students from kindergarten through PhD programs have united with educators to say no to cuts in education. On college and university campuses around the United States, students have utilized the tactic of occupation both as a form of protest against the continued attack on education and as a tactic in the fight against the capitalist education system and the transformation of education itself. This panel will address two primary questions: How do we challenge the systemic attacks on education in ways that not only defend what we have but also push back on the system itself, guaranteeing everyone access to education and allowing us to revolutionize the way that people are educated? And what does this systemic transformation look like, and how can we redefine the terrain from which we educate? The workshop draws on the experiences of participants in California’s recent student occupations as well as organizers of alternative models of popular education to examine from an antiauthoritarian perspective how we can proactively shape and institute the idea of "education for all."

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Cindy Milstein
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Institute for Anarchist Studies
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