Not What You'd Expect: Pregnant Moms' Deadly Risk in the USA

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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Health care is a universal human right. An expectant mother's chance of dying in childbirth or pregnancy-related illness is greater in the USA than in 40 other countries in the world. The death rate--13.3 per 100,000 births, and several times greater among women of color--is unacceptable and could be reduced by half, with proper care. This 2-hour workshop examines this crisis, its causes, and its effects on vulnerable women, and identifies actions that can be taken at all levels to reduce the danger. Facilitator(s) will provide background information about the issue, available resources, and Amnesty International recommendations. Participants will be encouraged to discuss and offer their own recommendations for action, which will be reported out to the USSF.

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Ken Grunow
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Amnesty International, Group 78, Detroit
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