Harm Reduction and Transformative Justice: Responding to and Creating Alternatives to Violence in Our Communities

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
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Cobo Hall: W2-70
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Harm Reduction principles and practice seek to reduce violence and harm experienced by individuals and communities by understanding the multiple causes including trauma and systematic oppression. We will introduce a Transformative Justice (TJ) framework, including principles and practices as an effective approach to responding to and seeking justice in individual and community cases of violence or harm in such a way that challenge oppressive systems and do not reinforce state violence and repression. Through this workshop we seek to develop models for harm reduction programs to integrate violence prevention, response and services to address trauma and to train anti-violence organizations in harm reduction practice.

TJ seeks to provide those experiencing violence or abuse with immediate safety and long-term agency, healing and reparations while holding those who are violent or abusive to others accountable within and by the communities in which they live or are part of. This accountability includes stopping immediate abuse, making a commitment to not engage in future abuse, and reparations for past abuse. Such accountability requires community responsibility to support people who are violent in changing their harmful behavior and as well as to access to personal healing. Beyond those who experience and perpetrate violence, TJ seeks to build community relationships and standards of behavior that reduce violence and increase collective capacity to organize for greater justice and health.

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Chris Lymbertos
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generation FIVE
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Young Women's Empowerment Project
To the Left: building a movement for social justice: intersections and alliances across race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability…
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