Grassroots Media Networks v Immigrant Criminalization: Shifting the Debate

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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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WSU Student Center: 277
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The corporate media debate on immigration silences the voices of those most effected by immigration policy, while offering a national platform to racist demagoguery--as typified by former CNN host Lou Dobbs and his overt appeals to the most fascistic tendencies lurking in the body politic of the United States. How can and should left media networks respond to this challenge? How might we provide complex, honest counter-narratives that explode nativist mythologies? How do we ground the discussion in something deeper than a dispute over human rights, to include a conversation about imperialism? How do we utilize our networks to deploy our voices so that they will have the greatest impact? Deep Dish TV, in collaboration with activists and organizers from around the country, will lead this workshop on grassroots strategies to broaden the immigration debate.

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Deep Dish TV
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Deep Dish TV
Displacement, Migration and Immigration
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