DIY New Media: Creating and Maintaining an Activist Presence using Websites, Blogs, Audio/Podcasts and SMS

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Wed, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Woodward Academy: 1470
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In this skillshare veteran new media producers Hadassah Damien and Sarah Jenny provide a brief history of the internet as a tool for social justice, and dive into practical information for utilizing new media in your activism. The focus of this workshop is an in-depth demonstration of how social justice movements and underrepresented voices can inexpensively utilize new mediums for change, using the prevalence and usability of open source software, freeware, information repositories, and copylefts.

Participants are taught overviews of specific technologies including site building/blogs, SEO, audio production, SMS technologies, and web2.0 social networking capacities. We provide a handout, a permanent web reference, examples of resources and a step-by-step practicum to engage in capacity building, networking, and information dissemination tailored for individuals and organizations on a no/low-cost budget by demonstrating the creation of:

1) a simple web page [45mins]
2) a blog linked to it [20mins]
3) an embedded MP3. [20mins]
4) plus SMS/mobile technology [20 mins]

Most importantly, participants will be empowered to utilize new technologies to create a further platform for their messages and activism!

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Hadassah Damien
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Hart Collective
Media Justice, Communications, & Culture
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