Conspicuous Production: Defining the Role of Cultural Workers on the Left, a Manifesto

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Event Date: 
Thu, 06/24/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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Woodward Academy: C-1
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This is an open invitation for cultural workers (media makers, puppeteers, musicians, visual artists, printers, muralists, graffiti artists, etc) at the USSF to come together to collectively create a Manifesto to frame and locate the importance of our work in social justice movements.

The session will not only serve to bring attention to each other's work but create a sense of the why and the how we use our work to not only to oppose the status quo, but imagine and create the ways which we create a revolutionary project.

Further, the Manifesto-or the process itself- will seek to answer questions of accountability, and ways in which we can measure the effectiveness of our work. However, it is the hope that the Manifesto itself is a piece to be created in ways that utilizes the many skills, imaginations, and ideas of those who participate in the session.

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denisse andrade
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desde al lado
Media Justice, Communications, & Culture
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