Climate Change at the End of your Fork: Organizing locally to change agribusiness as usual

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Thu, 06/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
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Did you know that the global food system is responsible for as much as one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions? That's more than all the world's cars, trucks, trains, planes, ships and factories combined!

These emissions are particularly alarming because the food sector is the biggest driver behind methane and nitrous oxide emissions, which have global warming effects many times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Global Agribusiness giants, including ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Tyson and Monsanto, are responsible. It's up to us to hold them accountable for squeezing the family farmer; unfair and inhumane treatment of people and animals; clearing forests, grasslands and prairies for their plantation crops; and marketing unhealthy food etc! It's up to us to promote local and healthy food for our families and the planet.

Join RAN's Rainforest Agribusiness campaign and RAN Twin Cities as we present case studies, organizing experiences and lead a discussion on how we can build a movement to change agribusiness as usual.

NOTE: The workshop will be divided into two sections:
1-3pm- Presentation by Leila Salazar-Lopez, Hillary Lehr and RAN Twin Cities and small group discussions
3:30-5:30pm- Skillshare on how to organize against BIG AG in your community and in solidarity with international allies.

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Rainforest Action Network
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Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Climate Justice: sustainability, resources and land
International Solidarity and Responsibility: building a unified response to global crises
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