Challenging Robotic Empire: how we can unplug the new machinery of military/police control through community resistance

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Thu, 06/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
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Cobo Hall: O2-36
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21st century popular movements, humanity, and the Earth's ecological fabric increasingly face a rapidly intensifying, terrifyingly real - but defeatable - matrix of emerging robotic weaponry, surveillance and control, as the corporate/military empire's new Industrial Revolution supercharges its war machine(s) and domestic control grid with robotics, biotech and nanotechnology - from the drone-bombed Pakistani villages to La Frontera and US neighborhoods. This workshop will engage participants in an interactive and strategic process to help popular movements pierce the illusion of "sanitized" war and sophisticated 21st century social control, while empowering people to effective resistance and alternatives: with presentation, interactive discussion, visuals, music, and action planning - including reports from organizing going on in Pittsburgh, DC, San Diego, Hood River, and Nevada - as we approach the bicentennial of the groundbreaking 1811 Luddite workers uprising.

Presenters: David Meieran, Nancy Lopez Mancias, Peter Lumsdaine, Joanne Sheehan, Jim Haber.

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Peter Lumsdaine
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Alliance to Resist Robotic Warfare & Society (ARROWS)
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War Resisters League
Climate Justice: sustainability, resources and land
Endless War: militarization, criminalization and human rights
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