Callin All Street Youth!

Workshop Information
Event Date: 
Wed, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Event Location: 
Cobo Hall: D3-18
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A People's Movement Assembly bringing together organizations from across the country working from an empowering social justice, harm reduction and leadership development perspective with street-based youth to talk about issues of policing and criminalization in the context of "quality of life" policing and policing of sex work. Centering the experiences of young women and queer youth of color and using popular education methods, participants will share information about their programs and the conditions they face in their cities, skills and strategies, and solutions grounded in the experiences and realities of youth of color. Together we will develop strategies for working more closely together, supporting each other in our local struggles, and building a world free of violence against youth!

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Shira Hassan
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Young Women's Empowerment Project
To the Left: building a movement for social justice: intersections and alliances across race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability…
Transformative Justice, Healing, and Organizing
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