The USSF is offering a number of tours to familiarize the social forum community with Detroit’s deep history, struggles and its expanding sustainable future. A limited number of these tours will be offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10-12 and 1-3 pm. Seats are limited, registration is recommended, $10-$20 sliding scale fees apply. Full tour descriptions and schedule will be available at registration. Sign up at the Tours table inside Cobo Hall.

Cultural Immersion Tour

This tour will explore important cultural/art venues in the Metro Detroit area. The designated sites are marked by the presence of an important work of art, important artistic production being carried out, or institutions that are playing major roles in local and national artistic/cultural development. Additional minimal fees for admission are required.

Detroit's Social History Tour

Focusing on the historic landmarks and elements that set up the social foundation of this city, while exposing many of the secrets of Detroit’s past and how they have shaped its present, this tour reveals the priceless jewels of Detroit to allow for the reevaluation of Detroit from a different perspective.

Environmental Justice Tour

Detroit is an industrial city and home to thousands of people. There are many environmental hazards and threats in Detroit neighborhoods that present risks to health and threaten the quality of life. In this tour you will learn about some of the brownfield sites that are located in the city and learn what work is being done to help remediate this problem and create more green and sustainable neighborhoods in the city.

Auto Age to the 21st Century's Breath of Hope / Labor Tour

This east side tour begins with sites that represent the relationship between city politicians, corporations, and the union as the struggle between jobs and communities intensified. It concludes in the Hope District where Mike Wimberly and his family have created a Peace Zone for Life. As he says: “We are reclaiming our communities and re-inventing our city”.

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is alive and well in Detroit. Visits to many farming sites to highlight the contributions to food security and sustainability within the city is the focus. This tour is being offered as both a bike and a bus tour.

Detroit APIAs: Past & Present

Asian & Pacific Islander Americans are typically viewed as perpetual foreigners. This bus-driven tour reveals the historical presence of APIAs in Detroit, features sites vital to our communities today, and concludes with a visit to the gravesite of Vincent and Lily Chin.

Abolitionist Tour

Several Underground Railroad routes went through Michigan, and Detroit (code name “Midnight”) was a center of abolitionist activity. This is a walking tour that visits many of the downtown sites involved in the struggle for freedom.

River Resurgence Pageant

This walking tour traces the route of the former Savoyard Creek with puppets, dance and music celebrating how the water ecosystem once was in relation to humanity. The tour demonstrates how our relationship to water has evolved over time, the challenges faced, and the visions the community has for the future.