The National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum has deliberately supported the creation of various spaces that are available to all the participants. The spaces are all collaborative ones, whose success will depend on your participation.

Youth Space

The youth space is a space to lift up youth power, youth voice, and youth visions for change. We want the presence of as many young people as possible to bring their strategies for action and alternative solutions to help shift the current attacks that we are under. Some of the present struggles that youth face today are around school closings and budget cuts, school to prison pipeline, high unemployment rates, immigration reform, and poor access to food, housing, and health services. The youth space is a place for young people to decide for ourselves what we want to do about these issues and is a space for youth to join the movement of shifting power. We have the power, vision, minds and skills to do so.
Youth who are between the ages of 13-24 will be able to hold down workshops, build together, shout out the work they are doing regionally, nationally, and globally, showcase their art, perform, and speak out!

The tracks for the youth space are: Detroit, Education, Jobs, Health and Environmental Justice, Criminalization of Youth, and Immigration. There will be a “Youth Speak Out” event Friday, June 25.

The youth space will be held in Cobo Hall 48.

USSF Village

Community groups, unions and social movement organizations are sponsoring canopies at the USSF Village for self-organized workshops, meetings and information sharing. There is also a Common Area and stage for scheduled events. The USSF Village is a few blocks west of Cobo Hall along an accessible sidewalk route, look for USSF directional signs.

Health and Healing Justice Space

We will be creating a space for transformational practices of individual and collective healing to respond to the traumatic conditions in our communities and to provide wellness and safety during the 5 days of the USSF.

The Healing Space will be located in the Downtown Detroit Civic Center and will include:

  • A silent area that can be used for reflection, meditation and group engagement
  • An area that can be used for reiki, massage, yoga, etc. and
  • A space for quiet conversation, dialogue writing & art as reflective practice.

The People’s Media Center (PMC)

In acknowledgment and celebration of the critical and valuable role people-produced media has played in advancing our movements and creating another world – will break new ground in growing alliances, supporting our host city, and building relationships to further our efforts
and deepen the connections between art, culture, media, and transformation. Understanding that we (as activists, artists, community organizers, media makers) are the change agents we have been waiting for...

The PMC has created living principles to address and challenge hierarchy within our movement. Recognizing that individuals and organizations with differing abilities, purposes, and resources are all welcome within this space, we are all committed to overturning institutional imbalances which can lead to division and impair the quality and quantity of stories being generated and shared before, during, and after the USSF.

For us, institutional imbalances means that many voices have been traditionally denied access to media outlets, and mediamaking resources that guarantee that access, as a result of oppression and exploitation. Therefore, we accept the responsibility to ensure that those who have been denied such access based upon race, class, sex, age, creed, ability, criminal history, sexual orientation, and immigrant status will be prioritized.

Indigenous Space

We wanted to provide space before the activities of the day for Indigenous Peoples to meet and brief together. We will be providing a space daily at Cobo Hall for an Indigenous People Caucus for 1 hour. We would be meeting from 9am to 10am roughly before the workshops start. The idea is to welcome each other daily, if folks have opportunities to share them, as well as events, and if there are problems for us to figure them out!

We hope that from the Indigenous Peoples PMA that we will have a synthesis team working to put together and finalize our resolution and statement for Saturdays All Peoples Movement Assembly! Were we will hear back from all 50 PMA's so we can support each other's work!

Other Indigenous Events