RuckuSpace is a constantly evolving hybrid art project investigating responsible subversion and playful mayhemthrough installation, performance, video, sculpture, participatory activism and alternative curatorial practices.

RuckuSpace instigates diverse encounters through written and spoken word, movement explorations and convoluted activities, fusing the opposing strategies of soothing through discomfort and provoking through comfort.

RuckuSpace aims to facilitate supportive structures and energetic conduits for experience-discovery, creating a community oriented collaborative research empowerment zone.

Jason Seymour & The RuckuSquad Collective are modern day Ruckusaries intent on spreading the Word of Ruckus. Their guiding belief is that Ruckus-Causin’ can be a container for Great Change and a vehicle for Radical Transformation.

Long live the Gift of Confusion and the Invitation of Conflict!

See Events/Schedule & call RuckuS Hotline & contact us for more details: (+1) 312.288-8430

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6604 N Newgard Ave, , IL 60626, USA
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USSF 2010