Radical Alternatives Network

This new do-it-yourself social(ist) networking site is designed to facilitate the rapid emergence of a continent-wide (eventually global) network of campus and community Radical Alternatives Forums – a socialist Speaker's Bureau and lecture circuit in the tradition of the Edward Bellamy Clubs of the 1890's, the Chatauqua circuit, the John Reed Clubs of the 1920's, the Teach-Ins of the 60's and today's World Social Forums.

Just imagine a hundred Radical Alternatives Forums springing to life in the Fall of 2010 on a hundred U.S. campuses and community centers. Imagine a hundred socialist speakers presenting radical alternatives to students and the local community at campus forums around the country month after month. Imagine a nation-wide network of radical forums where articulate, impassioned Left-wing speakers regularly challenge the neo-liberal consensus on war, inequality, climate change and economic crisis. Imagine Taking Back the Campus from the Right as more and more speakers and campus forums join the network. We can make it happen. Our new Internet tool, www.radaltnet.org, will make it possible to put together such a Network in a matter of weeks.

The Radical Alternatives Network's goal is to "Take Back the Campus" by unleashing the collective Grey Power (of radical grey cells under grey thatch) of our Speakers Bureau, sending out hundreds of qualified, articulate veteran socialist speakers to platforms on campuses and community centers across the land. It's a Network of barnstormers showing up on one campus after another, challenging the Right and bringing the "news from nowhere." Socialist-minded students and teachers on isolated campuses and activists in communities can now invite a succession of articulate, well-informed outside speakers who can effectively present radical analyses and explore socialist solutions to global capitalism's worsening crises of catastrophic climate change, economic depression, unending war and social injustice.

Just imagine an airline map of North America with tiny bulbs lighting up each time a new Radical Alternatives Forum joins our growing campus and community network. See the lights flash on as the spark of socialist ideas begins to kindle the radical imaginations of a new generation. Imagine the sparks igniting the minds of students and their campus neighbors who confront an uncertain future of debt, falling wages, unemployment and loss of status due to capitalist greed. The kindling is dry and ready to catch fire. Americans young and old are looking for answers, and if we don't offer them, we all know who will.

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