Prana Group

Based in Atlanta, GA The Prana Group is a recently formed sustainability-consulting firm that provides municipalities, organizations, and non-profits with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. Currently, The Prana Group provides technical and strategic consulting services to support workforce development services and specialize in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions on par with large, multinational companies. In this role, the Prana Group draws upon the collective expertise in the fields of corporate social responsibility, ethical investing, and organizational accountability systems to assist clients make the leap between good intentions and long-term sustainable performance.

The Prana group delivers a high level of performance, value, and quality in the consulting industry. To accomplish this, TPG is organized into four primary workflows:

• Campus Based Sustainability Solutions
Development phase
TPG's design, construction, and project management team provides technical and strategic support for higher acedimic institutions, especially Historically Black Colleges and Universities to become more sustainable. We help higher academic institutions realize meaningful and attainable environmental, economic, and social sustainability goals that fit the intricacies and opportunities of capital driven projects, including LEED certification and beyond.

• Ecoternship Development
TPG's Strategic and Operations team supports the development of a unique venture incubation and professional development service that trains the next generation of business, civic, and educational leaders on a new type of modern and environmentally friendly thinking.

• Social Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development
Development phase
TPG’s Strategic and Business team fosters entrepreneurship through incubation, research and dissemination of knowledge that supports grassroots level innovation programs.

• Trainings and Workshops
TPG provides sustainability related trainings and workshops for groups and organizations that range from one hour to multiple day sessions.

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United States
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