JASS (Just Associates)


JASS is committed to strengthening women’s voice, visibility, and collective organizing power to create a just and sustainable world for all.

A global community of justice activists, scholars and popular educators in more than 30 countries worldwide, JASS works from a feminist perspective to transform norms, institutions, policies and decision-making processes in both public and private spaces of power. Our shared analysis and strategies are shaped by an intersectional perspective on power, integrating race, class, sexuality, location and other factors.

• Strengthening activist leadership with women from all backgrounds and walks of life
• Expanding grassroots organizing linked to mobilization and advocacy
• Forging new alliances and agendas between women from distinct locations, sectors, movements, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds
• Making women leaders and feminist messages more visible and appealing to the broader public (challenging prejudice, taboos and stigma)
• Increasing women’s access to/use of resources, rights and freedoms

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