IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality)

Our mission is to organize and train paratransit riders and others who are disabled to improve paratransit service in Illinois and other states until riders have gained control of paratransit and created a Green Paratransit that is more cost effective, mostly solar-powered, and helps paratransit riders lift themselves out of poverty by creatring green colar jobs and business ownership in assembling, selling, leasing and insuring solar-powered vehicles for local travel, as well as establishing green paratransit van pools. We partner with Green Think Tank for the Disability Community.

Paratransit riders IN CHICAGO AND MANY INNER CITIES have never healed of the heart and mind damage of disability discrimination, segregation, class bias, racial bias, experimentation (sterilization, injection with toxins and chemicals), forced unemployment and poor housing standards (including inaccessible areas in their apartments or buildings, poor cleanup of common areas, lead-based paint, toxic fumes in flooring and paint, heavy metal in the waters, toxic waste dumps nearby, overcrowding), poor legal representation, disproportionate representation in nursing homes, unfair or no representation in political systems, and mistreatment by public servants who feel we are a burden to the system of transit or human services.

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