Human Values for Transformative Action

Mission: Human Values for Transformative Action (HVTA) challenges the public to act upon professed values such as justice and equality and prompts marginalized people—mostly youth—to use various forms of creative expression to mobilize individuals to bring these values to life in their neighborhoods.

Our Ground-Up Approach

We work to build just communities by drawing upon the experience and wisdom of people from marginalized groups, helping them to convey their lived realities to the broader public, and supporting their efforts to become agents of change. These groups include those who suffer injustice based on such factors as class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, health, rank, ability, and many others.

Ultimately, HVTA’s locally-based organizing lays the groundwork for expanding dialogues and making programmatic connections at regional, national, and international levels.

As we transform the “faces” of communities we hope that the people we work with also transform themselves.

In all aspects of our work, HVTA emphasizes the following:
agency, self-determination, and empowerment
respect for difference, and for the dignity and worth of all human beings
inclusion and solidarity
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