Association jeunesse pour la solidarite et le developpement des parcelles assainies

Association youth for solidarity and the development is a structure of local development which promotes the Community development with the Cleansed Pieces, a commune of district moreover 350000 inhabitants on a surface of 14 km2 surface. To create in 2003 pennies the number 11199 M.INT/DAGAT/DEL/AS of April 15, 2003. It is an association which carries out programs within the framework of the development at the base.
Site Its head office
is with unit 10 of the Cleansed Pieces n° 070 Dakar but its activities cover all the units or districts of the Commune of District of the Cleansed Pieces which are 20 and whose each district has on average 500 concessions.
Multiform promotion of the women and young people disadvantaged with the Cleansed Pieces which is a zone périurbaine.
Development objectives –
To contribute to the fight against poverty and social exclusion. - To reinforce the implementation of the policy of decentralization and promotion of the women and young people of the Cleansed Pieces.
Specific objectives
To improve the incomes of the women and young people by the micro interdependent credit To ensure the formation in entreprenariat women and young people by modules in creation of micro company, management, marketing, management, accountancy To improve the primary education health care and the access to the less expensive medical structures by a system of mutualisation of health, conscientisation and prevention of the diseases. To develop a partnership within the framework of interdependent program of tourism to ensure the appropriation of the programs and concepts of development by the community itself. To harden the relations between the young people of Senegal and those of the whole world. To contribute to the blooming of the young people and woman; To facilitate the co-operation decentralized in particular the relations southern north and l' African economic integration, the d' exchange; experiment between the young people of the world within the framework of the formation and l' exchange technologies; To educate, help, inform to communicate, assist the children women and people of the third age (populations) To take an active part in all the actions: safety, sanitary services, environments so d' to help with l' d' installation; a social balance; To promote art, the culture through programs of artists and craftsmen To support on the material plan and technique, the ASC (sports associations and cultural), the affiliated female groupings with l' association.
Approach participative at the base, multiform and multisector, by: The implication of the priority target groups and all the community, in the design, planning, management and the follow-up evaluation of the activities. Consultation, the dialogue, collaboration with the various partners working in local development. Formation, the transfer of knowledge, competence and of responsibility for perpetuation for the assets and the appropriation for all the programs by the community

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parcelles assainies dakar unite 10 villa n*078 dakar senegal
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