African American Holiday Association

The African American Holiday Association (AAHA) was incorporated in 1989 with the mission as a non-profit, 501(c ) (3) membership organization to perpetuate and preserve culture through traditional and non-traditional holidays, celebrations and rituals. AAHA’s primary goals are to use special occasions for healing, education, cultural awareness, social change and youth entrepreneur training for crime/violence prevention. AAHA offers these low-cost to no-cost programs:
• Holiday Health and Stress Management
• Storytelling, workshops, lectures
• Holiday Services, Ceremonies and ritual officiating
• Founder of Black Love Day- Feb. 13th and steward of Black Love Relationship Ceremonies and Rituals of Reconciliation
• YEP (Youth Entrepreneur Project for crime/violence prevention
• African American Holiday Expo On-Line
• Technical Assistance for special events management, cultural/ritual consultation
AAHA’s slogan is “when we know ourselves, love ourselves and take care ourselves, everyday is a holiday to celebrate – For the Most Positive Holidays Ever” AAHA is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign #29586.
AAHA was envisioned by community organizer/wholistic practitioner, Ayo Handy-Kendi, as an outgrowth of a special event she developed in 1982, called The MarketPlace Festival and the public interest shown in the event’s national media campaigns regarding holiday related, quality of life issues coined by Handy-Kendi as “holiday stress syndrome”. Since its inception, it has saved lives and impacted hundreds of thousands.

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1855 Third Street, N.W.
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USSF 2010