Hacia una Política Climática Equitativa

An interactive workshop exploring what “cap-and-trade” policies are, how they can be made more equitable, and why some U.S. climate bills are better than others.
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Fri, 06/25/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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TWW: 3
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In this workshop, facilitators will present a brief overview of how a “cap-and-trade” system for curbing climate change works. They will present several choices that must be made when developing climate policy, including what is the right level of emissions reductions, who must get permits for emissions, how these permits are distributed, and who gets the proceeds if the permits are sold. In groups, participants will discuss who wins and loses in the various scenarios presented and make recommendations to the group for the “best” climate policy, where best is defined according to participants’ own criteria, which may include equitability, feasibility, and effectiveness at reaching climate stability. The groups’ recommendations will then be compared to actual proposed climate legislation in the U.S., to see how these “real-life” policy proposals stack up. This workshop will empower participants by giving them language and information with which to participate in debates about climate change. It will help demonstrate that all climate policies are not created equal, and it will identify which components can be adjusted to make policies better for people, rather than better for corporations. Finally, participants will use this knowledge to identify which actual proposed legislation (if any) they support.

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Helen Scharber
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Economics for Equity and the Environment Network
Climate Justice: sustainability, resources and land
Strategies for Building Power & Ensuring Community Needs (housing, education, jobs, clean air…)