Una Fuerza Nueva y Desestabilizante: Encendiendo de nuevo la Campaña del Pueblo Pobre del Reverendo Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Workshop uncovers new strategies for developing many “Martins,” approaches to religious and transformational organizing, and success stories of linking efforts across traditional divides.
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Thu, 06/24/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Workshop will engage “Poverty Scholars,” people of faith, religious leaders, and antipoverty activists in a discussion of the history of MLK’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign and questions of leadership development, the role of religion and the Bible, art and culture, movement strategy, and new models of organizing in today’s movement to end poverty. “Poverty Scholars”--participants in the Poverty Initiative’s leadership development and training program for low-income, religious and community leaders from organizations nationwide--will focus on the theme of PI's latest publication (same as workshop title). By lifting up King's vision of a Poor People's Campaign as a historic effort to unite the poor across racial, gender, ethnic, religious, and geographic lines, we’ll talk about the need for the development and unity of grassroots leaders (referred to as many “Martins”) in today’s movement to end poverty. We’ll feature organizations from frontlines of anti-poverty struggles, who fight for the same basic needs demanded decades ago. We’ll explore the need for a religious strategy that seeks to unite the poor across traditional barriers into what King called, "A New Freedom Church of the Poor".

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Poverty Initiative
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Poverty Initiative
Capitalism in Crisis: tearing down poverty, building economic alternatives & a solidarity economy
Transformative Justice, Healing, and Organizing