Transformación Social por la Cultura de Paz: maneras concretas de crear otro mundo es posible

Sharing processes of social transformation through culture, arts being carried out in El Salvador/internationally and creating action plans
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Jue, 06/24/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: D0-4B
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Movimiento Siglo XXIII (23rd Century) is a movement of committed people from the Global South and the Global North issuing a challenge: to live intentionally and solidariously with each other and Mother Earth in each moment, in the consciousness that each action affects the present and future life. It is urgent that citizens of the Global North understand that their lifestyle, policies, and their patterns of production and consumerism create the oppressive conditions in the Global South including, but not limited to, impoverishment, environmental degradation, lack of food sovereignty and security, and financial and economic crisis.

In the workshop we will share concrete examples of ways to bring about social transformation through culture and the arts. We will share in-depth descriptions of Siglo XXIII projects in El Salvador and abroad to encourage participants to work on their own ideas and to create action plans for the work that is needed in the US. We hope that participants will broaden, deepen, and transcend these examples and discussions and adapt them to create a culture of peace in their own communities across the U.S. to change the paradigms and create another US that is necessary and possible.

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Kristen Kane
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Justicia de Clima: sostenabilidad, recursos y tierra
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