Proyecto por un mundo sin violencia

Blueprint: A nonviolent, radically decentralized world building the new in the shell of the old and nonviolent resistance. Participants share their efforts toward this goal. Participants share their efforts toward this goal.
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Jue, 06/24/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-24
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Many people cannot see beyond the corporate capitalist system we are enmeshed in, or see beyond their own immediate effort to change things. This workshop lays out a blueprint of the world we can create and what it can look like. It argues for some startling elements of a better world most people have not considered, and the reason they are desirable. it draws on many of Gandhi's insights, such as his two dimensions of Constructive Program (building the new in the shell of the old) and Nonviolent Resistance. It challenges our concept of "civilization," calling for radical decentralization of power and direct democracy that is human and earth-friendly. Nonviolence as the way is more revolutionary than revolutionary violence. The blueprint involves transforming ourselves, such as getting rid of most of our wants, and simplifying the world we are working to transform.

The workshop moves to conversation, including in small groups, about what efforts participants are engaged in, and how these all fit together in the bigger picture. Folks should leave the workshop with a more comprehensive view of global change and with energy arising from a more united sense of solidarity in our struggle for the world we know is possible and that we are committed to creating.

Presenter: Fr. C. Peter Dougherty, Michigan Peace Team. Discussion facilitator: Joan Tirak, Pax Christi Michigan.

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Joan L Tirak
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Pax Christi Michigan
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