La Voz de Todos, El Ruido de Nadie: Comunicación Democrática para Constuir Movimientos

An interactive discussion/presentation/workshop on using transparent, open and mass communication to connect people and build social justice/social change movements. The goal is to create the most power possible for people over their own lives.
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Vie, 06/25/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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WSU Old Main: 1305
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Self-rule in any group or society needs democratic communication, with sending and receiving information is free and open to all. Equal power or participation call for equal access. A transparent way for people to filter for the most important messages can be an essential tool in working together for
a better world.

The workshop begins with discussion of attendees' communication successes and difficulties, including how to coordinate internally, reach more new people, and take effective

We will ask attendees to try a prototype of open source free software
that does this and answer questions about the tool to
incorporate suggestions into development plans.

We will use the collective experiences of attendees to inform
a discussion on usefully connecting people who give a damn, on uniting
visions and coordinating efforts to build better lives for all.

* How could we as a small group with an interest in democratic
communication stay together?

* Should we ask all attendees of the US Social Forum to try these

* What could be and should be the relationships between internal democracy
in groups and organizations and using the same tools for one huge network?

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People Who Give a Damn
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