La Pobreza no es Igaul a la Negligencia & No Somos Impotentes: Madres Reclaman sus Hijos de la Industria del Bienestar Social para Niños

Snatching children from homeless, battered, poor mothers denied welfare profits privatized agencies. See film; hear from mothers reclaiming children from “inhuman services”: sexist, racist detention.
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Mié, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: O2-41
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Across the US, women & families, particularly those of color or who are poor, are unjustly losing custody of children to child protective services. Instead of helping families with housing, domestic violence protection, legal needs, welfare, etc, children are being detained and put in foster care – Black children at often 3 times the rate as white children. Fast track adoption means those who are incarcerated often lose permanent custody of their children. Yet most children are far better off and safer at home than in foster care, where 1 in 3 report sexual abuse. Contracted agencies have financial incentives to keep kids in care while kids in real danger often do not get the protection they need.
DHS & DCFS - Give Us Back Our Children are two action/support groups of mothers, other family members & supporters working to end the unjust removal of children by the Phila Dept of Human Services (DHS) and the Los Angeles Division of Children & Family Services (DCFS). See a film with, and hear directly from, mothers, grandmothers and supporters involved. Take part in actions to change unjust policies and practices, build public awareness, and challenge the sexism, racism, and prejudices against mothers in every branch of the system.

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Pat Albright
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Every Mother is a Working Mother Network
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