La Participación Popular en el Proceso de la Redivisión de Distritos: Una Estrategia para Construir el Poder

This workshop provides examples of how redistricting has been used by communities of color to build power towards policy change.
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Mié, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-26
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In this interactive workshop, grassroots organizations that are currently or interested in engaging in electoral work, voter education and registration and the U.S. Census count will hear how they can elevate this work as part of a long-term strategy for building power.

This workshop will emphasize the importance of redistricting at the state, county, municipal, school district and judicial levels as it relates to the redistribution of power (resources). Together we will examine how the redistricting processes have historically played out in communities of color and undermined the capacity of communities of color to change policies. We will present and discuss alternative solutions to the current undemocratic structure of the redistricting process by raising and examining the question of why there is no such thing as a neutral or objective redistricting plan or redistricting commission and how every redistricting plan must flow from an agenda or core set of values that inform how districts are designed.

Participants can learn based on our extensive experience with educating communities about redistricting, that it is possible to learn the tools and skills of how to draw fair districts on behalf of community.

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Corey Barnes
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The Praxis Project
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Southern Echo, Inc.
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