La economía de los Apalaches en transición

It is time for a just transition past the boom and bust coal economy of Central Appalachia - join us as we discuss a better path.
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Mié, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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This panel will be devoted to ideas for a more just, sustainable and prosperous future in Central Appalachia. We are at a critical moment in our region. The time has arrived to talk about the coming transition of our economy, workforce and communities.

There is a direct correlation between coal production and high rates of economic distress. Coalfield communities in central Appalachia are eager to diversify their economy.

This panel will include information on some of the negative impacts coal production has had on central Appalachian communities, health and economies and will focus on a variety of innovative projects at the local and regional scale to provide just, sustainable economic alternatives.

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Dana Kuhnline
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The Alliance For Appalachia
Capitalismo en Crisis: derribar la pobreza, la creación de alternativas económicas y una economía solidaria
Justicia de Clima: sostenabilidad, recursos y tierra
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