GM crops - the poisoned chalice: perspectives and victories from South Africa

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Vie, 06/25/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-23
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IDEX partner, Biowatch South Africa, a small non-governmental organisation, will be presenting its recent legal victory against the state and Monsanto.

Using GMOs / Genetic Engineering as a lens, the devastating impacts of multinationals and “philanthropic” organisations on small-scale farmers and social and environmental justice will be highlighted. The resilience of civil society and the alternatives to GMOs and its master, industrial agriculture, will be highlighted.

Space will be created for sharing of experiences around struggles for food sovereignty, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. A call will be made to dispel the myths that GMOs/GE will alleviate poverty, deal with climate change and the energy crisis.

A 10 minute DVD on Biowatch and a 8 minute DVD on IDEX's solidarity work with S. African civil society will be shown and other visual material will be available. We look forward to engaging with these issues in a meaningful way with our audience.

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Rajasvini Bhansali
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International Development Exchange (IDEX)
Justicia de Clima: sostenabilidad, recursos y tierra
La Solidaridad Internacional y Responsabilidad: construyendo una respuesta unificada a las crisis mundiales
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