Estrategias emergentes para recuperar/reclamar los bienes públicos

US and Global South participants will explore commons strategies to restore a direct relationship between communities, vital resources and resource decisions
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Jue, 06/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm
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Cobo Hall: D3-17
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This Assembly brings together participants from the US and global south who are engaged in commons-based strategies and related work. Our work seeks to restore a direct and life giving relationship between communities and the shared resources necessary to their survival and well-being.

The commons is what we share - our fundamental and equitable claim to our inheritance of natural and created abundance, and how we share it - our role in the stewardship of those resources. We see the commons revival and kindred efforts, as an important emerging movement strategy that can help move us away from a market dominated society toward one aligned with community resilience, racial/social equity and ecological stewardship. It also pushes us to consider a basis for our work beyond “human rights”, by focusing on a communal claim on forms of social wealth and our rightful role in decisions about those resources.

Through a creative and interactive process, participants will explore the power of this work through sharing stories of claiming and creating commons, mapping a range of approaches and wrestling with the challenges. Together we will look at what local commons solutions and organizing efforts are bringing to life in communities and what more fundamental change this helps us imagine for the future. We will surface insights we can share with the rest of the Forum. Our goal is to leave with a deepened sense of shared purpose, aligned strategy and relationships that can support further collaboration.

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Alexa Bradley
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