De cualquier manera necesaria: la comida como una herramienta de colonización y como unirse a la resistencia

A popular education workshop investigating our ancestors, the history of the food justice movement, colonization and the personal/collective work that will liberate us.
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Mié, 06/23/2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Woodward Academy: 1469
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The workshop will be hosted in popular education style and participants will engage through a series of discussions (large and small group), historical games, and listening.
There is a serious isolation and lack of cohesion in the food justice movement. We will use space at the USSF to gather together and challenge ourselves to rewrite the narrative to not be about our individual work but to focus on the collective good of a transformed society. A goal of this workshop is to stimulate the creation of a food justice praxis. We want participants to leave with the ability to recognize the intersectionality and interconnectedness of oppressions and learn new ways to challenge the systems of oppression within our work. Through this workshop we will expose that as long as the imposition of colonization has occurred, there have been movements to resist it, locating ourselves and our justice work in this stream of food centered revolutions throughout history. We will reflect, through meditation and story on our own ancestral paths to the US and the personal and collective work it will take to get us to liberation.

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Jade Walker
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The Mill Creek Farm
Justicia de Clima: sostenabilidad, recursos y tierra
A la izquierda: la construcción de un movimiento por la justicia social: las intersecciones y las alianzas a través de raza, clase, género, sexualidad, edad, habilidad ...
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