Contrarrestar la propaganda militar/corporativa contra Irán -- Apoyo al pueblo iraní

A critique of the narrative on Iran prevailing in the US, including the message of the "green movement" and its relevance to economic and social justice in Iran.
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Jue, 06/24/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Woodward Academy: 1437
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The United States government has proclaimed Iran an enemy, and has reserved a right to subjugate Iran to its will through any means necessary, from helping the the Iranian opposition, economic sanctions, and up to the possibility of military attack on nuclear facilities, or even preemptive nuclear attack as implied by President Obama.
The workshop will discuss the current political and social situation in Iran. We will touch on the nuclear energy controversy. We will present a critical analysis of the "green movement" and in terms of its class basis, and economic justice positions. We will learn of the existence of organizations in Iran with similar goals to those of the USSF; organizations of mostly young people, organizations concerned with economic justice, the environment, and other progressive issues. As an example, a student environmental organization that participated in the World Peoples' summit on Climate Change in Bolivia in April of 2010.
The overall objective of the workshop is to form a more comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of the US/Iran relationship, to enable us in the USSF to develop a progressive analysis, strategy, and tactics necessary to recruit the American people on the side of peace rather than another war and occupation.

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simin Royanian
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Women for Peace and Justice in Iran
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