¡Espectáculo táctico! Grupos callejeros radicales y organizando hacia la solidaridad

Artists and activists open their toolkits and discuss the possibilities and challenges of using live musical spectacle as a protest tactic.
Información del Taller
Fecha de Evento: 
Mié, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Cobo Hall: W1-51
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How can we make protests more creative? This session will focus on the possibilities and challenges of using live musical spectacle as a protest tactic. It is a collaboration of three radical street bands that have for many years been offering musical support to activist groups and causes across the country. Bringing together musicians, artists, and activists of all stripes, the workshop will include discussion of what cultural projects bring to movements, a look at the tools groups have developed to deal with some of the practical issues of organizing a musical solidarity project, and breakout discussions on the various tensions that can complicate this work, from internal power dynamics to our accountability within the movements we support. NOTE: We are also organizing opportunities for interested people to try out these tactics in the streets of Detroit--so come get tapped into the rhythm!

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Sarah Blust
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Rude Mechanical Orchestra
A la izquierda: la construcción de un movimiento por la justicia social: las intersecciones y las alianzas a través de raza, clase, género, sexualidad, edad, habilidad ...
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