Baltimore Homeless Youth Initiative

A. Organizational Background

Launched in 2006, the Baltimore Homeless Youth Initiative (BHYI) is a means to an ambitious end. A coalition of government and community agencies, BHYI seeks to fill critical gaps in care for homeless youth. Its goal: to integrate disconnected services and ensure that youth, ages 14 to 24, receive the support they need to become self-sufficient, productive citizens.

Among its activities, BHYI identifies existing resources and needs, develops and coordinates effective programs, educates its members about best practices, and helps to shape and promote policies benefiting homeless youth.

Serving as BHYI’s fiscal agent is Fusion Partnerships. Since 1998, Fusion Partnerships has worked as a catalyst for justice and peace in Baltimore – supporting collaborative change to build vital communities and workplaces. Fusion Partnerships was created in the belief that within each system or organization lies the seeds of its future success. Integral to its work is serving as an incubator and fiscal agent for community-based project that share its mission.

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