Opening Ceremony

The Opening March is scheduled to start on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 3pm. Will will be leaving from the intersection of Woodward and Warren Avenues and picking up feeder marches from the direct-actions along the way. You don't want to miss it!

Registration starts at 8am on Tuesday, June 22nd, at COBO Hall.

Selling of bottled water is NOT permitted as USSF is committing to be plastic water-blottle free. Free water stations around USSF venues and along the march route will be clearly identified.

Medical personnel will accompany the march, along with “aid and comfort” stations placed at COBO Hall, at Hart Plaza, and at the Social Forum Village.

The US Social Forum Opening Ceremony, directly after the Opening March, will be a sacred beginning for our time together. We will open with indigenous communities from the region, and then hear local, national and international speakers and performers, grounding our 5 days together in song, dance, and poetry.

Detroit organizers, activists, grassroots organizations, residents, and neighbors
are thrilled to welcome the second United States Social Forum as
an essential space to build another US and another world.

Can you volunteer? The puppets featured in the march need volunteers to carry them. Please contact if you can lend a hand.

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 5:00pm